What We Do
Artiste Management
Some of India’s finest classical musicians have chosen to be managed under our banner. We push the boundaries of traditional artist management to include label management, artist PR and image management.
The PR wing of Indianuance helps get you pointed coverage for your events. We understand your need and tailor specialised and effective PR through innovative mediums. We only cover events that are related to the fields of music, dance, theatre and other such performing and non-performing arts.
In a bursting and teeming concert circuit, the need for innovative and quality programming is paramount and often the point of differentiation. Be it a small exhibition, workshop, or a unique musical or dance recital, our team conceptualizes and programmes theme-based properties for organisers, event managers and institutions using inventive and original ideas that are brought to life because of our access to a vast artist resource base.
We ensure that albums and recordings that emerge through us (either as part of a live recording or via concept albums) find the most appropriate distribution channels including arrangements for making sales at concert venues.
Outsourced A&R
“Brown paper packages tied up with strings”. Well produced and packaged albums are still an integral part of companies and a staple for most artists. Indianuance delivers projects as an outsourced A&R function to anyone looking to produce an album. With a track record of having worked with the country’s leading record labels, we understand the business of A&R, production, design and packaging, contracts and marketing all too well. Services include new recordings, restoration and procurement of archival recordings, compilations and corporate orders.
What We Also Do
Writing Boutique
Indianuance also functions as a writing boutique. This covers reviews, brochures, AVs, websites, promotional material, profiles, short biographies and other such writing services.
The Design Shop
The design shop at Indianuance is driven by one core designer who specialises in contemporary interpretations to Indian folk art, graphic designing and hand illustration. Apart from this Indianuance also works with other designers on a project to project basis. Send us your thoughts and we will design them into simple, cogent and appealing visual ideas.