People at Indianuance
Aishwarya Natarajan, Director
During a long stint in the music industry interfacing between record labels and artistes, Aishwarya realised that the industry needed a different kind of enterprise. She started Indianuance with the idea that Indian classical musicians deserve greater exposure, better management and people to work with who understand their music. In her spare time (which, she hastens to assure us, she has very little of) she loves to play board games, practice her vocal training and even occasionally cook!
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Krishnaa Shyam Sundar, Creative Designer
Krishnaa is the hand behind the illustrations on this website. With degrees in fine art and illustration from Stella Maris in India and Savannah College of Art and Design in the USA, Krishnaa went on to do an MA in Brand Management at Bath Spa University in England. Krishnaa lives in Bath, where she also runs her own design house. Find out more about Krishnaa on her website
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Sukumar Natarajan, Everything Else
Sukumar lives another life as a lecturer at the University of Bath. When he is not making life difficult for his students, he provides creative direction, technical know-how, tea, coffee, cleaning services and everything else in-between for Indianuance.
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